Mitsotakis in US: Jobs, less taxes and belief in better future key to reversing 'brain drain'

Friday, 27 September 2019 08:56
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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday extended an invitation to US investors to exploit opportunities in the recovering east Mediterranean country, continuing a whirlwind series of meetings and contacts in the wider New York City area, on the occasion of this week’s US General Assembly.

Speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations event, along with other international leaders, the center-right Greek premier said three conditions, more-or-less, needed to be achieved in order to reverse a decade of “brain drain” in the thrice bailed-out EU member-state, serving up a well-known “recipe” of: new jobs, reduced taxes and social security contributions, as well as persuading young people that the long-term prospects in the country are positive.

Turning against to all-important capital investments in the country, he pointed to a gradual improvement in the economic confidence index, as well as what he said was the beginning of the end for populism in Greece after the July 7 election.

Touching on privatizations, he pointed to the emblematic Helleniko property development, billed as a seven-billion-euro investment, saying the previous leftist government was bereft of “political will” to shepherd the project, while his new government has taken all necessary actions to lift bureaucratic and legal obstacles.

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