Lloyd's List Intelligence: Greek registry retains 9th place globally in 2018, but decreased

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 13:56

By L. Karageorgos


Greece's maritime registry remained in ninth place in 2019, nevertheless reduced from the previous year in terms of the share of the global shipping fleet, according to the latest figures by Lloyd's List Intelligence.

At the same time, the Greek registry remained in second place in terms of global passenger shipping (market share), and fourth in terms of tankers - following the registries of the Marshall Islands, Panama and Liberia.

A Lloyd's List Intelligence study, concluded last month, nevertheless showed the Greek registry posting the biggest decrease over 2018 compared to transport capacity - 9.75 percent ,from 83.85 million dwt in 2017, to 75.67 million dwt in 2018.

The decrease is attributed to a constant increase in competitiveness by other national shipping registries.

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