Reports: Greek govt eyes 139-mln€ 'bonus' towards businesses in 2020

Wednesday, 16 October 2019 11:12
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The Mitsotakis government has reportedly overcome fiscal obstacles and aims to allocate 139 million euros in the form of a one-off economic stimulus to eligible businesses in the country, a sum listed in the draft 2020 budget, which itself has already been tabled in Parliament.

The development, according to reports, comes after a foreseen forecast "gap" burdening the 2020 budget was "covered", with creditors' concerns also resolved, at least according to unnamed government sources.

What remains to be seen is what form the "extraordinary bonus" will take, namely, whether it will translate into tax breaks or in the form of a subsidy of employment, or possibly something else. Additionally, no information has leaked regarding criteria for eligible businesses, something expected in the coming days.

The reports come after a statement by the government spokesman on Tuesday, who dismissed the specter of a "fiscal gap" either in the ongoing year or in 2020.

As previously reported by "N", the draft budget has already been delivered to the EU Commission, after a preliminary "green light" by institutional creditors, and after pouring over a cost analysis of the tax breaks pledged by the new center-right and pro-reform Greek government.

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