Investment outlay for pharmaceutical cannabis units in N. Greece calculated at 100 mln€

Monday, 30 September 2019 23:14
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By G. Hatzilidis

Capital investments exceeding 100 million euros are reportedly envisioned - over a three-year period - for the creation of units in northern Greece to cultivate and process pharmaceutical cannabis products, at least based on the number of facilities licenses approved so far by the relevant economy and development ministry.

Investor interest has been mainly exhibited by foreign-based countries.

So far, seven units have been licensed in the central Macedonia region, four of which are in Kilkis prefecture.

The fact that a free-trade-type zone at the port of Thessaloniki is located in central Macedonia, combined with the availability of land need for such a cultivation, makes the region a prime spot for such investors.

Another point of export for future pharmaceutical cannabis products is Piraeus.

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