Outgoing labor ministry unveils another 4 obligatory labor bargaining agreements

Friday, 21 June 2019 13:30
SOOC/Konstantinos Tsakalidis
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The now outgoing Tsipras government this week unveiled another four unilateral - and obligatory - collective bargaining agreements for a handful of labor sectors, namely, for maritime shipping firms and coastal shipping ticket agencies, along with inter-city bus drivers on Crete, hotel personnel in Irakleio prefecture (Crete), and finally, for cigarette manufacturers.

The decisions were published in the government gazette, and continue the outgoing labor ministry's policy of intervening in negotiations between employers' groups and trade unions to achieve collective bargaining agreements. Instead, the labor ministry's leadership, following the reinstitution of the framework in August 2018, unilaterally implemented agreements.

Since then, new labor agreements were applied to 15 separate sectors, affecting more than 220,000 wage-earners.

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