Large Mycenaean-era engraved tomb discovered in south-central Greece

Monday, 11 September 2017 16:05
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One of the biggest Mycenaean-era engraved tombs discovered in recent decades has been pinpointed near the south-central Greece town of Orhomenos, the modern-day placename for the ancient settlement of Orchomenus.

The discovery is the first major find in the first year of a five-year excavation project partnering Greece’s culture ministry with the British School at Athens (BSA) and Cambridge. 

Specifically, archaeologists said the chamber-like tomb is the ninth biggest discovered out of roughly 4,000 discovered in the past 150 years. 

A carved 20-meter corridor leads to an antechamber covering 42 square meters.  

The Mycenaean civilization was located in the northeast Peloponnese, approximately 200 kilometers from the current side, and flourished on flourished on the Greek mainland prior to roughly 1200 BC.

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