41K taxpayers, businesses in Greece apply for 120-mo installment plan for social security arrears

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 11:40


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By S. Papapetros

Nearly 41,000 taxpayers and business entities with arrears to the primary health and pension fund in Greece, known by the acronym EFKA, have applied and have been accepted in a 120-month installment plan to cover their debts.

According the latest available figures seen by "N", since a relevant electronic platform came on line four weeks ago, the total value of arrears included in the installment plan exceeded 723.4 million euros, of which 75.4 percent corresponds to 17,229 employers and businesses - with most arrears dating back to the pre-EFKA era, when the dominant fund was known as IKA.

Self-employed professionals with arrears to the former OAEE fund were a minority of the total figure, with nearly 19,200 taxpayers applying for the installment plan, and corresponding to total arrears of 159.1 million euros.

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