US envoy Pyatt to "N": Would-be investors in Greece want to see 'predictability'

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 11:41
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By V. Kostoulas

US ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt, days after attending the inauguration of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) over the weekend, where the United States is the honored country, told "N" this week that lifting remaining obstacles to investments and entrepreneurship is a necessary element to free up the Greek economy's potential.

The energetic Pyatt also advised Athens to send a message that it will not waste fiscal benefits that the Greek state has accumulated over the previous memorandum years from Greek citizens' and taxpayers' sacrifices.

That said, he said expressed optimism that the east Mediterranean country can attract more US investments, in the billions of dollars range, and in 2019, emphasizing the notion of "predictability" - something he said companies and investors want to discern.

 The US diplomat again reiterated Washington's support for the recovering Greek government.

Asked about increased US interest in energy-related projects in Greece, a handful of which have been characterized as "strategic", such as the TAP pipeline and LNG terminals, Pyatt said the energy sector is one in which the US and Greece "converge 100 percent".

At the same time, Pyatt commented on the prospect of Washington slapping tariffs on a Greek multinational pipe manufacturer, merely referring to a preliminary development as a part of an independent procedure, one initiated by private US companies. He said the latter companies are concerned over dumping policies.
Pyatt revealed that US commerce department officials will soon arrive in Greece to meet with domestic companies affected by possible measures.

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