Covid-19 outbreak: Confirmed cases fall to 1,211 in Greece a day after record tally

Thursday, 29 October 2020 21:14
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New single-day confirmed coronavirus infections fell in Greece on Thursday - a day after a record one-day tally of 1,547 - with 1,211 cases reported, along with another 12 related fatalities.

All total, 35,510 cases have been reported in the east Mediterranean country since the pandemic erupted.

Conversely, 114 patients with acute coronavirus symptoms remain in hospital ICUs. Of this group, the average age is 65, while 91.2 percent suffer from an underlying condition or are above the age of 70.

The death toll from the pandemic in Greece reached 615, with 96.3 percent of the victims having suffered from an underlying condition or above the age of 70.

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