Covid-19 outbreak: Greek govt considering stricter measures to dissuade public gatherings

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 14:52
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The Greek government is expected to announced even stricter measures to dissuade the public assembly of more than 10 people, as practically all non-essential activities and commerce has ceased in the country in an effort to reduce exposure to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Compared to other European countries, Greece is still in the very low scale of the outbreak, with five related deaths reported and below 400 confirmed instances of infection.

The total outlay by the Greek state in support of the economy has now reached four billion euros, with retailers to close their doors on Wednesday for the foreseeable future, but with super markets and grocers operated on an extended scheduled.   

In a view to the near future, Greece tourism minister, Haris Theoharis, has requested a stepped up teleconference of his EU counterparts, in a letter to Croatian Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli, as the tourism and travel industry for the economically recovering country is imperative.

Still on the economic front, the Mitsotakis government has suspended social security contributions for three months, beginning as of February 2020, for all businesses and employers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Additionally, the relevant labor ministry announced that redundancies and layoffs will not be allowed during the period of the outbreak.

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