Fourth post-bailout enhanced surveillance report for Greece - first for Mitsotakis govt - in Oct. 2019

Friday, 26 July 2019 15:39
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By E. Sakellari

The fourth post-bailout enhanced surveillance report for Greece will be bumped back for October, if not later, the EU Commission announced on Friday.

According to reports, the primary objective is to include - and assess - all of the current legislative initiatives announced or ones being implemented by the new Mitsotakis government. At the same time, an ongoing reshuffle of the EU Commission is deemed as an inopportune time for such reports.

However, the coming report, the first for the Mitsotakis government, will be completed by the outgoing Commission composition of Commissioners.

At the same time, the Commission announced that Paul Kutos will be appointed as "head of unit" for Greece.

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