High single-digit difference between ND, SYRIZA in new poll on Thurs

Thursday, 16 May 2019 22:37
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A 7.6-percentage point difference between main opposition New Democracy (ND) party and ruling SYRIZA is the result of a latest opinion poll unveiled on Thursday evening.

The poll, by the Marc firm, was presented on the prime-time newscast of Athens-based Ant1.

In absolute terms, ND was preferred by 29.3 percent of respondents to 21.7 percent for SYRIZA. If extrapolating the results based on valid responses, ND is given 30.6 percent to SYRIZA’s 22.6 percent.

Similar to previous polls, only three other parties are shown exceeding the 3-percentage point threshold for representation in the European Parliament: KINAL (6.3%), Golden Dawn (6%) and the Communist Party (5.1).

The only surprise is a 2.2-percentage point showing for the new “Elliniki Lysi” (Greek solution) party. The latter is national conservative, pro-Church and, according to its detractors, expresses a Russophile worldview.

The undecided vote was calculated at 12 percent; 4 percent for the blank/ invalid vote.

One interesting finding of the specific poll is that 62 percent of the respondents that declared themselves as undecided had previously voted for hard left SYRIZA, and only 9.2 percent for center right ND. 


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