Double-digit leads for ND over SYRIZA in nat'l elex, coming Europarliament vote

Thursday, 18 April 2019 21:25
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An opinion poll aired on a northern Greece television station on Thursday gives main opposition New Democracy (ND) party a 10.5-percentage point lead over ruling SYRIZA as far as general elections are concerned, and a 13.7-percentage point lead in next month's European Parliament election.

The poll, conducted by the Interview firm and presented on the Vergina TV station, shows 34 percent of respondents voting for ND in a national election, to 23.5 percent for SYRIZA. For the coming European Parliament vote, the difference is 13.7 percentage points in favor of center-right ND - 36.4 percent to 22.7 percent for SYRIZA.

As far as respondents' opinion of which party will win the general election, regardless of their personal preference, is 72.8 percent for ND to 21 percent for hard left SYRIZA. 

Another poll, by Metron Analysis for the Alpha television station of Athens, gives ND a 7.3-percentage point lead for the European Parliament election, and a 7.8-point lead for a general election.

As opposed to the Vergina TV poll, the absolute percentages are lower: 27.2 percent for ND, 19.9 percent for SYRIZA.

Only three parties are given a percentage that means Parliament representation, the social democrat Kinima, 6.6 percent; the Communist Party, 5.6 percent; and Golden Dawn, 4.6 percent.

The level of the undecided vote is 11.1 percent, along with 7.8 percent of respondents who said they won't vote.

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