Welt: One in every two new LNG ship orders by Greek interests; major share held by latter in fuel's transport

Thursday, 06 December 2018 18:47
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German daily Welt this week touched on what it called the noteworthy expansion of the global liquefied natural gas sector, noting that Greek shipping interests now control a significant share of the fuel’s transport through LNG carriers.

At the same time, the article says Germany has fallen far behind in the LNG transport sector and is essentially dependent on Greek-controlled tankers.

The paper cites the US administration’s recent praise for LNG use, along with China’s gradual increase in its consumption.

In terms of the LNG shipping sector, Welt reports that one in out of two new LNG vessel orders is now being placed by a Greek-controlled company, i.e. 33 out of 66 at present. New orders placed by Greek interests for LNG carriers reached nine billion USD in value for 2018 alone.

LNG is still exclusively transported by sea.

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