ESM, Eurozone: 5.7-bln€ tranche for Greece after March 15

Monday, 12 March 2018 20:19

A 5.7-billion-euro tranche bailout loan money included in the ongoing bailout program will be disbursed to Greece in the second half of this month, Eurogroup president Mario Centeno and ESM Managing Director Klaus Regling said on Monday in Brussels.

Speaking after the end of a Eurogroup meeting here, Centeno also said the issue of further debt relief measures for Greece will be discussed in April. He also said ministers in the Eurogroup setting will examine the steps taken so far by Greece to conclude the current (and last) bailout program.

On his part, Regling said the ESM is awaiting approval by national parliaments in Eurozone member-states and the "green light" by the ESM's managing directors in order to disburse the money.

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