Tourism trade group: Mixed picture for Nov. 2017, positive signs in beginning of 2018

Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:19

The Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) on Thursday released its December 2017 overview, pointing to a "mixed picture" for the previous month (November 2017) but with more positive elements ascertained from the start of the current year.

According to the trade sector group, Greece's major airports recorded an increase in international arrivals for November 2017 by 6.2 percent, or 8.6 percent from the beginning of 2017.

"According to the Bank of Greece, the number of incoming visitors in October was up 8.4 percent, compared to October 2016 (+10.1 percent year to date) and travel receipts rose by 14.2 percent ( 10.6percent ytd October). As a result, the Average Per Capita Expenditure rose in October, leading to an increase from the beginning of the year.

"... The CCI shows improvement in most Greek tourism markets, most of which exhibit levels higher than the corresponding OECD average index. Given that consumer confidence is an important parameter in planning leisure travel, this piece of data points to a potential for maintaining strong demand for the Greek tourism product. The Turkish and British markets, which are very important to Greece, are an exception, as the respective index is down from last year."  

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