Sources: No interest by Laskaridis family in Esperia Hotel property

Monday, 16 April 2018 10:13

The Laskaridis family, the owners and operators of a pair of central Athens' best-known upscale hotels, are reportedly not interested in another downtown unit closed for several years now - the Esperia Hotel off Stadiou Avenue.

According to sources within the group that spoke with "N", the building that previously housed the hotel is on a labor ministry list of properties that it plans to commercially exploit.

Other such properties include another two hotels, albeit of lesser quality, one on Victor Hugo street and another in a building that previous hosted an appellate court in a now gritty part of downtown Athens (Socratous street).

A deadline for an expression of interest is May 11, 2018 for the properties.

The one-time Esperia Hotel is expected to draw most of the interest by would-be investors, sans the Laskaridis group, the primary shareholders of Lampsa Group.

The latter owns the five-star King George Hotel on Syntagma square, and also manages the adjacent Grande Bretagne, Athens' pre-eminent landmark hotel. The Lampsa group also runs the Hyatt Belgrade and Belgrade Excelsior, as well as holding a 50-percent stake in the Sheraton Rhodes.

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