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Wildfires in Greece burn for 8th day

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Strong winds are blowing making the work of the firefighters particularly difficult.

The residents of Rhodes, Corfu, Karystos, and Dervanaki were faced with persistent flames yet another night, as there was rekindling of fires with firefighting forces and volunteers battling to contain them.
The fires are raging for the 8th day in Rhodes with firefighters operating all night in Gennadi and Vati, while the situation was also difficult in Malona and Massari. Strong winds are blowing in the area, making the work of the firefighters particularly difficult.

In Evia, the fire is raging near the villages of Platanistos and Potami. A message was sent via the emergency number 112 to the residents of Platanistos to evacuate the area early on Tuesday. Two aircraft are assisting the firefighters operating in Karystos, and they are expected to be reinforced.
On the island of Corfu, a rekindling of fires occurred during the night in the area of Palaia Perithia, but now the situation is better.

On Tuesday, there is a high risk of fire on the island of Crete.

Meanwhile, a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been scheduled for 11.00 to discuss measures for the fire-stricken.