Covid-19 outbreak: New single-day confirmed instances reach 1,630 on Sat.; death toll in Greece at 6,468

Saturday, 27 February 2021 20:45
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New confirmed single-day instances of Covid-19 infections in Greece reached 1,630 on Saturday, as the total since the advent of the pandemic neared 190,000 in the eastern Mediterranean country.

Of the single-day total, 815 were in the greater Athens area, and 201 in Thessaloniki.

Another 29 related fatalities were reported on the day, bringing the macabre total in the country to 6,468. In terms of the victims of the pandemic in Greece, 95.7 percent were either above the age of 70 or suffered from an underlying condition.

The number of acute Covid-19 cases being treated in hospital ICUs remained mostly unchanged, at 379 on Saturday. The average age of this group is 68, with 84.2 percent suffering from an underlying condition or being above the age of 70.  

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,338 patients in ICUs recovered and were discharged.

Finally, the average number of admittances of patients, regardless of the severity of the Covid-19 infection, over the last seven-day period was 285.  

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