Hellenic Fiscal Council: GDP targets for 2019, 2020 'ambitioius, demanding' but feasible

Monday, 07 October 2019 11:36
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Targets for economic growth in Greece this year and in 2020, as envisioned in a draft budget for next year, are "ambitious and demanding", but can be achieved if the proper actions are taken, according to a report by the Hellenic Fiscal Council.

In a review of the draft budget's macroeconomic forecasts, the goal for real GDP growth of 2 percent in 2019 is within previously made forecasts, still "ambitious" but feasible.

Assuming that the target for the ongoing year is achieved, then a 2.8-percent target for 2020 is considered "particularly demanding, but starting with the positive impact of 2019, it is achievable, under certain conditions."

The HFC reports notes that two main parameters will determine the final GDP figure for 2020, namely, private consumption and investments.

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