Int's tender for all-important gaming concession at Helleniko site on the horizon

Sunday, 17 February 2019 22:39
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By T. Igoumenidi

Proclamation of an international tender for a casino gaming concession at the landmark Helleniko property development site in coastal southeast Athens, one of the biggest and still delay-plagued privatizations in Greece, is reportedly ready to be published in the EU's Official Journal.

Once published, which reports put by the end of the coming week, then a 60-day deadline will be given for interested parties to submit binding offers.

The text for the tender's publication was finalized on Friday, during a meeting by members of the Hellenic Gaming Commission, the quasi-independent gaming and lottery regulatory authority and watchdog in the country.   

The tender will reportedly include a minimum concession bid and terms for payments.

Awarding an Integrated Resort Casino (IRC) concession is considered as imperative for the entire property development - one of the biggest if not the biggest in Europe at the moment in terms of value - to proceed. The concession, besides the actual casino, includes a license for a resort hotel, a conference center, a concert hall and other facilities. The concession covers 20 hectares, out of the total 620 of the Helleniko site, where the old Athens airport once operated, along with two military airbases and assorted other facilities. The total cost of just the gaming concession could exceed 500 million euros.

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