Greek employers' group bulletin: 'Scandinavian' level tax burdens for subpar state services, benefits

Friday, 12 October 2018 11:47

The Federation of Enterprises (SEV), one of the largest employers' groups in Greece, this week referred to "Scandinavian" taxes being imposed in the country, which however, do not translate into high-quality services offered by the state to citizens.

In its weekly bulletin, the federation also said a reduction in the tax burden by 2 to 2.5 percentage points of GDP is possible, along with other initiatives, in the medium term.

Such "initiatives", as repeatedly stated in the past by practically all pro-market forces in Greece, include lower tax rates, completion of all agreed to reforms, continuance of a positive economic climate and businesses confidence, as well as more effective measures to combat tax evasion and lower operational spending.

 SEV's bulletin says Greece has unenviable distinction of highest tax burdens and contributions as a percentage of GDP, at four percentage points higher than the EU average.

Specifically, despite higher revenues now being reported by the Greek state the federation's analysts estimated that taxpayers in Greece pay higher taxes by 1.2 percentage points than the EU average, the state allocates 5 percentage points less, based on GDP, for non-payroll social spending and other public benefits.

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