New objective tax criteria rates for property approved by finance ministry

Thursday, 14 June 2018 23:46
UPD:15/06/2018 00:04
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Increases of up to 61.54 percent and reductions of up to 37.5 percent delineate the breadth of new objective tax criteria approved by the finance ministry this week - rates on which property taxes will be based for 2018.  

Higher rates were approved for several "working class" or middle-class districts in the greater Athens area, such as Keratea, Perama and Drapetsona, as well as on Crete and other islands. At the same time, pricey inner city Athens districts will also witness property rate hikes.

Conversely, many of the more affluent districts of Athens and Thessaloniki will see objective tax criteria fall, given that in previous years such rates were judged to be exorbitantly high.

However, the majority of rates by which the property tax (ENFIA) is calculated remained the same.

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