Fraport Greece: Renovations, upgrades at all 14 regional airports completed by 2021

Friday, 16 March 2018 11:16
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Germany's Fraport, the lead partner in the Fraport Greece consortium, said renovations and upgrades at half of the 14 airports it manages in the east Mediterranean country will have been completed by mid 2019.

The parent company made the statement on Friday, in unveiling its financial results for the previous year.

The German company added that another four airport renovation projects, out of the total of 14 facilities around Greece, will be ready by 2020, and the rest by the summer of 2021. It forecasts a increase in passenger traffic at its 14 regional airports in the single-digit range.

The 14 airports in the country managed by Fraport Greece handled 27.6 million passengers in 2017, a record-breaking figure.

The parent company's total revenues from its international activities reached 817.1 million euros in 2017, up 48.1 percent from the previous year, and with Fraport Greece contributing the biggest portion of the figure - 234.9 million euros.

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