Protesting Hellas Gold miners target environment ministry

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:33
SOOC/Nikos Christofakis

Hellas Gold workers made good on their threat to target state buildings without warning, as a group of miners broke into the environment and energy ministry in central Athens on Wednesday morning in protest over the government's feud with their company, a subsidiary of Canadian multinational Eldorado Gold.

Miners and other Hellas Gold employees had arrived in three coaches from northern Halkidiki prefecture earlier in the morning.

The incident came two days after Eldorado threatened to suspend its billion-euro operations in Greece unless the leftist government removed regulatory and licensing obstacles to its gold mining operations, as the company claims.

 Despite the specific mobilization being unannounced, a strong riot police detail protected the ministry's entrance. Some protesting workers nevertheless managed to enter the building.

According to later reports, the relevant minister will meet with a smaller group of workers representing the protesters.