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Greece’s five economic landmarks


Five dates are considered critical as they will determine the first moves of the next economic staff after the result of the repeat elections on June 25.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) will announce the GDP figures for the first quarter today, June 7, while on June 9, it will release the estimates for inflation in May. On the same day, Fitch will also publish its report on the Greek economy.

The next critical date is June 15. The Ministry of Finance will announce the data for the execution of the budget in May, with interest mainly focused on tax revenues, while on the same day the European Central Bank will announce its decisions on monetary policy.

On June 21 Greece will proceed with the last bond reopening for the second quarter.

June 26, i.e. the day after the elections, is the next important date. Greece will announce the budget execution data and the calendar for the reissuance of Greek bonds during the second half.