Report: Eurogroup expected to OK 767-mln€ tranche to Greece on Wed; profits from Greek bonds held by other central banks

Monday, 02 December 2019 22:33
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By N. Bellos

Eurogroup member-states' finance ministers are expected to issue the "green light" to the release of a 767-million-euro tranche to Greece, namely, the profits generated by Greek bonds held by the ECB and Eurozone state's central banks.

A Eurozone official said as much on Monday, adding that the disbursement will take place in early January 2020, following ratification by Eurozone member-states' parliaments, with the scrutiny particularly on Germany's Bundestag.

The Eurogroup venue will also consider and, mostly likely, approve of the fourth post-bailout "enhanced supervision" of Greece by European creditors.

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