Frantic efforts continue to locate dozens of people missing after deadly wildfire; death toll at 81

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 10:50

Μικτά κλιμάκια στρατού και πυροσβεστικής ερευνούν καμμένα σπίτια σε Ν.Βουτζά, Μάτι και Ραφήνα.

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The exact number of missing persons in the wake of a deadly wildfire in eastern Attica prefecture - east of the greater Athens area - remains unknown as of Wednesday morning, while the wildfire-related death toll rose to 81, many of which are children.

Most of the Mati settlement was destroyed, a pine-covered region sandwiched between the main road (Marathonos Ave.) and the coast facing east over the southern Evoikos Gulf, parts of which are sheer cliffs.

According to Greek authorities, the number of missing people will be announced within the day, although unofficially 174 people are missing. Seventy-one people remain hospitalized, 10 of which are being treated for serious burns.

A wildfire front continued to rage in western Attica prefecture, mostly along the Gerania mountain ridge, above the Saronic Gulf coast and the resort town of Kinetta, where the first blaze was reported on Monday.





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