Moscovici: Greece needs front-loaded debt relief measures, not precautionary credit line

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 14:32
Aris Oikonomou/SOOC

EU Commission Pierre Moscovici again expressed his confidence that all post-memorandum issues affecting the Greek program will be decided at a June 21 Eurogroup, adding that what Greece needs now is "front-loaded" debt relief measures.

At the same time, he also referred to an "enhanced supervision" for the thrice bailed out country after the current memorandum program ends in August 2018.

In an interview carried with the Athens daily "Kathimerini", Moscovici, among the most vocal supporters of the Greek side during the memorandum era, repeated that there was no issue of a precautionary credit line being needed after the bailout ends, or moreover, the need for a fourth memorandum.

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