Latest seaplane announced for holiday destination Kassandra peninsula of Halkidiki prefecture

Monday, 05 April 2021 22:44
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Med Sea Health S.A., the owner of the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, this week announced that it has received regulatory approval for the operation of a seaplane landing and take-off site at the Kanistro site, on the western-most promontory of northern Halkidiki prefecture.  

The resort spa announced that Hellenic Seaplanes has been chosen as the concessionaire of the project.

According to the resort, the specific offshore site will allow up to six landings and take-offs per day, per carrier, and from other waterways and conventional land airports.

The development comes after the latest push is underway to finally start constructing and operating seaplane routes around coastal mainland Greece, islands without airports and even in lakes, a prospect that has been on the forefront in Greece for the past two decades - but without, however, a single commercial route inaugurated so far.

The government goal now is for roughly 150 seaplane sites to operate around tourism-friendly Greece within the next five years, which if achieved, would mark the largest such network in Europe.

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