Tourism research NGO cites 3.5% hike in int'l flight passengers to Greece in Jan-Oct 2019

Thursday, 28 November 2019 12:02
Alexandros Michailidis / SOOC/
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Some 20.5 million passengers were recorded on international flights to and from Greece in the Jan-Oct 2019 period, an increase of roughly 687,000 passengers, or 3.5 percent, from the corresponding period of 2018.

According to figures released by INSETE, the summer months also witnessed single-digit increases in international arrivals and departures, with Athens posting an 11.6-percent hike in the Jan-Oct 2019 period.

INSETE is a NGO founded on the initiative of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), with the primary partners being SETE (the principal partner), the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation (HHF), the Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies (HATTA) and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Rented Rooms and Apartments (SETKE).

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