Draft bill eyes hefty discounts on fines imposed for 'off-the-book' labor if employer proceeds with legal hiring

Thursday, 26 April 2018 22:51
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The relevant labor ministry will submit a draft bill to Parliament next week significantly lowering fines imposed on businesses employing wage-earners "off-the-books", with discounts envisioned in exchange for an employer legally hiring undeclared labor.

The current fine is a punishing 10,550 euros per violation.

Under the soon-to-be-tabled draft legislation, discounts will reach up to 71.56 percent if an employer hires a "cash-in-hand" employee. Nevertheless, if the violation is repeated, then the fine will be doubled.

According to reports collected by "N", if a business hires an employee on a three-month contract then the fine will reach a still stinging 7,000 euros; 5,000 euros in exchange for a six-month contract and a 3,000-euro fine to be paid if the employer hires a worker with a yearly contract.

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