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Philip Morris International: Greece is a model for sustainability

It is noted that the Papastratos factory in Aspropyrgos exports 90% of the heated tobacco rods to 20 countries around the world.

The total number of Papastratos IQOS users exceeded 500 thousand, with non-burning products accounting for more than 70% of the company’s net revenue. With a market share of over 20% nationwide (Source Nielsen), IQOS is the first Greek export product in Japan.

It is noted that the Papastratos factory in Aspropyrgos exports 90% of the heated tobacco rods to 20 countries around the world.

The above data were recently presented at an event held by Philip Morris International in Paris on the occasion of the presentation of the Single Sustainable Development Report for 2023 by Tommaso Di Giovanni, PMI Vice-President International Communications and Miguel Coleta, PMI Global Director Sustainability.

At the same time, the estimated users of alternative products of Philip Morris International (PMI), parent of Papastratos, are estimated at approximately 33 million, including 28.6 million IQOS users (2022: 24.9 million IQOS users) while 36.4% of the net the company’s revenue comes from alternative products (2022: 32.1%).

PMI’s alternative products are available for sale in 84 markets, of which 47% are in low and middle income markets (2022: 73.42%) while in 25 markets alternative products represent more than 50% of annual net revenues (2022: 17).

Total investment in alternative products since 2008 amounts to 12.5 billion dollars (2022: 10.7 billion) while 98% of total sales volume is covered by programs to prevent youth access to tobacco products, in indirect retail sales channels (2022: 91%).

According to the same sustainability report, 94% of tobacco is purchased without the risk of net deforestation of managed natural forests and without conversion of natural ecosystems (2022: 55%) while 8.14 million cubic meters of water were optimized in tobacco growing areas (cumulative from 2019) (2022: 4.94 million cubic meters)

Continuous investments in the Aspropyrgos factory

Greece is a country where sustainability is put into practice, a model for Philip Morris International in all ESG pillars.

In particular, Miguel Coleta, PMI’s General Manager of Sustainability referred specifically to Papastratos’ good practices regarding the proper management of water resources with international AWS certification, the extensive reforestation program with the planting and care of 70,000 trees, as well as the continuous investments in the factory in Aspropyrgos with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, making special mention of the largest green investment of 10 million euros that is being implemented, in the context of PMI’s Zero Carbon Tech program.

The investment foresees the installation of new technologies to reduce energy consumption (photovoltaic systems on the roof of the factory, installation of heat pumps, as well as an industrial-type electric boiler) and is expected to be completed in 2025. The aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30% until 2025.