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AB’s strategy that ‘shields’ its profits and shares

The comprehensive "make over" of the management and operational model of AB Vassilopoulos is in full progress.

Through synergies with the other subsidiaries of the parent group Ahold Delhaize as well as through more tailor made actions for the Greek market, the company manages to shield its profitability and domestic share dynamics.

The main pillars of its plan concern: the strengthening of competitiveness with the aim of attracting more customers but mainly to shield their loyalty in the chain as well as to optimize the performance of the physical and online store.

Special emphasis is placed on enhancing competitiveness in the quality-price relationship. As AB’s Brand Manager, Nikos Lavidas, said to “Naftemporiki,” the main goal is to return to profitability in 2024.

In order to do this, sales and especially sales volumes need to be increased. This can be achieved through the increase in traffic and the average basket.

“We try to show that we are a chain with the best value for money,” he explained.
In this context, the policy for the private label category is adjusted as well as for additional benefits such as refunds (AB Plus checks worth 6 euros) through discounts on basic consumer products in order for the consumer to have an additional benefit.

As far as the private label is concerned, a consolidation is being implemented in all the subsidiaries of the group and we are building a single brand for the private labels, which was not the case until now.

Franchise and fast delivery

In the field of optimization in the physical and electronic channel, the company is focused on the franchise model and fast delivery. According to the head of AB, the plan for the franchise – which currently numbers around 280 points – includes the development of 50 new partnerships this year, while the network is also strengthened by the conversion of small corporate points into franchise status.