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Travlou-Our Ocean 2024: The sea is our home. We honor it and protect it

«The sea is our home. We honor it and protect it»

The President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Melina Travlou, welcomed the start of the proceedings of the international conference “Our Ocean 2024”.

Travlou, institutionally representing the world’s shipping leader – Greek shipping – emphasized, among other things, in her speech:

“The sea is our home. We honor it and protect it. We operate with the vision that Greek Shipping is a beacon of sustainable development. We are always focused on putting environmental protection in practice.

We lead developments and global initiatives. Faithful to our vision and commitments for a sustainable tomorrow, we continuously invest in new technologies.”

“It is fair to say that shipping has outperformed most other industries in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, given that it is a fossil fuel-bound industry. Shipping is by far the least carbon intensive means of transporting goods.

Despite its extensive reach, the shipping industry’s greenhouse gas footprint on a per capita basis is comparable to that of the lowest-emitting countries.

Consider that shipping carries around 90% of global trade and emits less than 1/15 of the highest emitting country.”