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Grimaldi Group enhances Greece – Italy lines

The new ship will join another modern ro-pax, the Kydon Palace

Grimaldi shipping group introduces the Eurolink ship on the Brindisi-Igoumenitsa route. It is the ro-pax vessel with the largest cargo capacity ever deployed in the Adriatic Sea.

The new ship will join another modern ro-pax, the Kydon Palace, on the line where the Grimaldi Group offers two regular departures daily, one from each port.

The Italian-flagged Europalink can carry 930 passengers and 3,900 linear meters of rolling freight, corresponding to 220 trucks. Compared to the ferry “Igoumenitsa”, which it will replace on the line, it can carry 20% more passengers and around 50% more trucks on each trip.

Moreover, it will offer improved quality of service to passengers and drivers: Europalink has 201 cabins (with a total of 632 beds) of various types (interior, sea view and junior suites), some of which are equipped for passengers with reduced mobility.

“The Grimaldi Group strengthens the ships and the ships strengthen the port. A basic formula for the maritime economy, implemented for 12 years in the port of Brindisi by the Neapolitan company, which never spares effort and commitment, implementing more and more itineraries with efficient, comfortable and ecologically sustainable connections,” commented Ugo Patroni Griffi, president of the Southern Adriatic Sea Port System Authority (AdSPMAM).

“The introduction of Europalink, a ro-pax ship whose features are designed to guarantee the comfort of passengers, including truck drivers, is an important step towards optimizing maritime transport, improving the services offered and increasing of the attractiveness of our port, an important gateway for maritime highways and a multifunctional hub in the Mediterranean basin,” he noted.

“The introduction of Europalink on the ro-pax line between Brindisi and Igoumenitsa is a new upgrade to an already efficient and competitive service, which is a bridge for truly efficient and sustainable transport between Italy and Greece both economically and environmentally,” Grimaldi Group CEO Emanuele Grimaldi said. “This innovation is fully integrated into our broader investment strategy for Greece, which, among other milestones, led us to the acquisition of a majority stake in the port of Igoumenitsa last year. Overall, our presence will facilitate the exploitation of all the potential of the Greek port, through the improvement of its services and the use of increasingly larger and more modern ships on the lines connecting it to Italy,” Emanuele Grimaldi concluded.

The Grimaldi Group is also active on the Ancona-Igoumenitsa line for the transport of goods and passengers between Italy and Greece. For both this line and the Brindisi-Igoumenitsa connection, additional approaches to Corfu are planned during the Easter and summer periods. Between the two shores of the Adriatic, the company also operates the Venice-Bari-Igoumenitsa-Patra service, which is dedicated to the exclusive transport of goods using the largest ro-ro vessels in the world.