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Intralot establishes its Technology and Innovation Center in Greece

More than 300 Greek engineers develop Intralot's new technologies and applications, implementing large-scale projects in 39 markets

Intralot invests in state-of-the-art technologies, achieving the strengthening of its position as a global gaming technology provider and the promotion of Greece as a technological hub through the Technology and Innovation Center that the company has developed on Greek territory.

In particular, more than 300 Greek engineers develop Intralot’s new technologies and applications, implementing large-scale projects in 39 markets. The technology developed in Greece has placed the company in the international market and is the result of the hard and coordinated work of its human resources.

Intralot CTO, Konstantinos Farris, stated: “Our people love what they do and have a thirst for continuous improvement and development. We are particularly proud of the export of Greek innovation to global level and our international recognition in the gaming industry.”

“Intralot systematically monitors new technologies and international standards and invests significantly in the development of advanced technological solutions, with the aim of maintaining its technological vanguard and shaping developments in the gaming industry,” he added.

Intralot’s technological superiority is confirmed by the certifications and awards of its products by international organizations and the granting of 186 patents so far. At the same time, the company is considering as a priority the investment and collaborations in new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, metaverse and blockchain with the aim of maintaining its competitive advantage in the new environment that will be formed.

In this way, as a global technology provider with the most advanced technology solutions and high-quality services, Intralot achieves to a significant extent the renewal of its existing contracts, while claiming new important projects in new countries.

In the context of the current highly competitive environment, Intralot made available the Lotos X Omni platform which is designed to support all the above complex requirements in the most efficient and secure way, while also providing the appropriate centralized management and control environment as well as open architecture for dynamic interfacing with third-party systems.