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E-commerce: 2,000 executives wanted

There is a demand for all specialties and for various levels of experience

A new digital tool, which connects human resources looking for work and companies active in the technology and e-business sectors, was launched by the Greek e-Commerce Association – GR.EC.A.

Careers with GR.EC.A. has gathered in a user-friendly platform available jobs in companies and connects them with people who are looking for the next step in their career. It is designed and implemented by the Hellenic E-Commerce Association in collaboration with Workable and is addressed exclusively to GR.EC.A member companies.

The e-business market needs approximately 2,000 executives, sector representatives told “Naftemporiki.” There is a demand for all specialties and for various levels of experience. The job vacancies concern specialties to meet the needs of e-commerce, e-commerce support services, e-payments, infrastructure support, e-commerce packaging and many more.

Due to the increased needs and the lack of properly trained people, companies are already hiring executives to work remotely from various regions of the country, regardless of the headquarters of each company.

GR.E.CA executives emphasize that the ultimate goal of the new initiative is to strengthen the ability of businesses to find the human resources they need. At the same time, it offers the human resources in our country the possibility of searching for available jobs in some of the leading companies in the e-Business sector, as well as in rising technological startups in Greece.

As the General Director of GR.EC.A Stelios Petridis stated: “The Board of Directors of GR.EC.A embraced this initiative, the aim of which is to help the member companies of the association to easily and quickly meet the staffing needs, finding the right staff, hoping in this way to contribute at least a little to reducing the costs of businesses for finding staff. At the same time, it expands employment opportunities for the entire range of human resources in Greece, whether they are specialized and experienced or are currently taking their first professional step in the labor market, giving the opportunity to search for jobs in some of the largest companies operating in the technology and electronic sectors businesses.”