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Papastergiou: Reforms and broad changes in digital governance in 2024

“The government continues to do what it knows well; to reform, improve and promote the good image of the country,”  Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, said on the sidelines of the business and economic conference organized by “Naftemporiki” group at Zappeion Mansion.

Papastergiou made the statements in view of the upgrade of the Greek economy by Fitch next Friday.

“This upgrade can also be seen in the field of digital governance, broadband infrastructure, the reform that the state needs at this level,” he underlined and added:

“I think it can become much better after a series of tragic events and the climate crisis knocking on our door.”

“In 2024, very important reforms and huge changes are expected in digital governance. Artificial intelligence can be used in public administration and prove critical to civil protection,” Papastergiou said.

“We must shape the future together. To talk to society, to answer its problems, to see the challenges it faces,” he concluded.