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Greece appoints private detectives to locate state debtors

In the "hunt" for the big debtors, private detectives are expected to be hired to help the authorities' investigation.

Stricter rules will be applied for debtors as of 2024, with the simultaneous activation of all the measures of the  Public Revenue Collection Code.

Measures that, among others, provide for triple controls by the authorities, the hiring of private detectives to locate them, raids on their homes and of course the enforcement of all compulsory collection measures, with confiscations and criminal prosecutions.

This “package” is deemed necessary to be included in the general action plan to cover the increased collection needs of the budget next year, which, in addition to the new tax system for the self-employed, but also the big “campaign” that has been launched to limit tax evasion, aiming at the additional income to support the vulnerable groups, it also contains the increase in the flow of money from the debtors to the public funds.

Therefore, taxpayers who have left unpaid taxes and fines will go through triple scrutiny, in order to check that they do not own any movable or immovable assets and that all prescribed coercive measures, such as confiscations and criminal prosecutions, have been brought against them.

In the “hunt” for the big debtors, based on the current provisions of the Public Revenue Collection Code, private detectives are expected to be hired to help the authorities’ investigation.