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Yu Zenggang at the “N” conference: Piraeus, a gateway to Europe

Ο Yu Zenggang, Executive Chairman of Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (Φωτ. Paterakis Photo)

Yu Zenggang, Executive Chairman of Piraeus Port Authority, stressed the importance and development prospects of the port of Piraeus, speaking at the conference organized by “Naftemporiki” and CGTN entitled “Wind in the Sails: New Opportunities for Europe and China”.

During his presentation on the panel “A sea of opportunities for fruitful synergies”, he referred extensively to the initiatives undertaken by Cosco for the development of the port since 2016. “During these years we have invested 500 million, to develop facilities and piers but also to expand cruise ship terminals. We are making logistics warehouses,” he said, among other things, while emphasizing the dynamics presented by the cruise industry. “We are close to 1 million passengers. Cruise ships are coming more and more to Greece,” he said while also focusing on the thousands of jobs created in the port of Piraeus.

“We are trying to create more mutually beneficial conditions,” he emphasized.

At the same time, he gave special importance to the geographical position of Piraeus, which is, as he said, a gateway for the Far East to Europe. “That’s why we wanted to make the investment. We bring many containers from the Far East and from there they are transferred throughout the Mediterranean. We believe that the port is a very good transit center,” he noted, adding that “we can further develop this cooperation.”