Seven emergency responders on Crete transferred to other fire brigade units after refusing Covid-19 vax

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 21:51
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Seven firefighters assigned to an elite emergency response unit on the large island of Crete are the first "recipients" of reprimands of the first order for obligatory Covid-19 vaccinations in Greece, albeit the only consequence in this case is a transfer out of the specific branch.

The seven firefighters, out of 54 of the specific unit on Crete, reportedly refused to get one of four vaccinations for the virus available in the country. The chief of Greece's fire brigade last month ordered members of the unit, known by its acronym of EMAK, to get the vaccination, with the reasoning being that such specially trained emergency responders may be dispatched for overseas duty without warning, i.e. in search of earthquake victims.

According to media reports on Tuesday, the seven will be transferred to another fire brigade service in the same prefecture where they currently serve, but without any further repercussions.

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