Alexandroupolis port in NE Greece again discussed by relevant minister, US ambassador

Thursday, 23 January 2020 22:13
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The port of Alexandroupolis, in extreme northeast Greece, was again reportedly discussed in a meeting between a Cabinet member and US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, as the now months-long Mitsotakis government has consistently signaled that it will announced an international tender for concessions at 10 regional ports around the country - including the former.

In a Tweet on his personal account, Pyatt stated "...Excellent conversation w/ Minister @G_Plakiotakis on our strong bilateral cooperation in shipping, the tender for development at #Alexandroupoli port, making it a transportation hub providing energy security for the region & on bringing @ONEXShipyards #Syros success to #Elefsina."

He was referring to his meeting with Greek Shipping and Island Policy Minister Yannis Plakiotakis, as well as a shipyard on the Cyclades island of Syros. A controlling share of the shipyard and its management passed to US-based ONEX.

Elefsina is a small but important industrial port west of Piraeus, in the greater Athens, where another troubled shipyard is located.

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