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Eurostat: Most basic consumer goods in Greece more expensive than EU average

The prices of most basic consumer goods in thrice bailed-out Greece, for 2018, were on average higher than the median price in the European Union, according to figures released this week by Eurostat. Various types of meats were an exception, as well as “non-essential” tobacco.

Prices for daily products and eggs, for instance, were higher by 34 percent from the EU28 average. In fact, Greece was the most expensive market for such goods, behind only Cyprus (36 percent).

Bread and cereals in Greece were 14 percent higher than the EU average, while alcohol beverages by 33 percent.

Conversely, meat products were lower, by 9 percent from the EU average, whereas tobacco products – bundled by the Union into the ‘basic consumer goods’ category – were lower by 20 percent.