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Almost twice as many bids submitted for latest cadastre contracts

By T. Igoumenidi

Roughly twice as many bids were submitted in the recent period for 32 contracts related to Greece’s still under-construction land registry (cadastre), a project begun roughly two decades ago under a Community funding scheme that subsequently shifted to financing from state coffers after failing to meet EU deadlines and specifications.

According to the state agency that monitors electronic tenders, 111 bids from 24 different consortia were submitted by May 30. The participating consortia are composed of Greek and foreign companies.

The bids will be opened on Friday.

The entire tender is worth 460 million euros and refers to the mapping of 8.6 million hectares, or 63.5 percent of Greek territory.

Budgets of individual contracts vary from three to 24 million euros over a course of 40 months.