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Europarliament resolution, passed by vast majority, calls on Turkey to release 2 Greek soldiers

European Union Parliamentarians have called on Turkey to swiftly conclude the judicial process and release two Greek servicemen detained in the country since March 1, with relevant resolution adopted on Thursday.

An overwhelming number of MEPs stressed that the two Greek servicemen – a lieutenant and a NCO 0 have been held in a Turkish jail for more than one month without specific charges beng brought against them.

The Europarliament noted that “…Previous cases of similar accidental border crossings by either Greek or Turkish soldiers were settled in the past on the spot and at the level of local military authorities on both sides.”

 The European Parliament calls on Turkish authorities to “swiftly conclude the judicial process and release the two Greek soldiers and return them to Greece (and to) … scrupulously follow legal proceedings and fully respect, for all those concerned, the human rights enshrined in international law, including the Geneva Convention”.

 The text calls on the Council, the Commission, the European External Action Service and all EU member states to “show solidarity with Greece” and to call for the immediate release of the two Greek soldiers in any contacts or communication with Turkish leaders and authorities, in the spirit of international law and good neighbourly relations.

 According to the Europarliament site the non-legislative resolution was adopted with a vast majority — 607 votes in favor to seven against, with 18 abstentions.