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Greek budget showed a primary surplus of 2.1 bln euros in Jan-June

The Greek state budget recorded a primary surplus of 2.166 billion euros in the January-June 2023 period, compared with a budget target for a surplus of 415 million euros. Tax revenue was 27.301 billion euros, up 8.9% from targets.

According to the preliminary data available for the execution of the State Budget on a modified cash basis, said the general government balance showed a deficit of 2.467 billion euros in the six-month period, down from a budget target for a deficit of 4.265 billion and a deficit of 6.548 billion euros in the corresponding period last year.

Net revenue was 30.870 billion euros, up 4.1% from targets, reflecting higher tax revenue and the collection of 603 million euros from ANFAs.

The State Budget Primary Balance amounted to a surplus of 2,116 million euros, against the primary deficit target of 415 million euros and the primary deficit of 3,425 million euros performed at the same period of the previous year.

State Budget net revenues amounted to 30,870 million euros, showing an overperformance of 1,202 million euros or 4.1% against the target of the corresponding period, which is included in the 2023.