Survey: Half of wage-earners in Greece seeking help from support line feel 'unexplained exhaustion'

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 20:54
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Five out of 10 surveyed wage-earners in Greece declared an "unexplained exhaustion", while four in 10 are experiencing "conflicts" in the workplace, with three in 10 saying they do not feel any boost in their commitment towards their employers.

The results, released by the Hellas EAP firm, and covering the 2018-19 period, gauged how the punishing decade-long economic crisis and accompanying changes in labor relations affected their attitudes and mindset, and by extension, their productivity.

The methodology of the study is just as interesting , as the firm derived results from 500 employees who anonymously called a 24-hour telephone support line, established by Hellas EAP for its corporate clients.

Specifically, 49 percent of the respondents said they feel an " unexplained exhaustion ", despite the fact that their professional obligations have not changed.

Some 40 percent said the general workplace climate amid the economic crisis negatively affected cooperation between colleagues and teamwork, while 23 percent said they operate "automatically" in the employment, without interest in the result and quality of their work.

Additionally, 7 percent said they use non-prescribed pharmaceuticals to reduce their workplace stress.

Finally, 24 percent of the sample group surveyed said they took leave from their work for the reason they called the telephone support line in the first place.

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