Greece in disappointing 102nd place out of 162 countries in annual Economic Freedom of the World report

Friday, 13 September 2019 21:03
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EU and Eurozone member-state Greece finds itself in a lackluster 102nd place out of 162 country listed in this year "Economic Freedom of the World" Report, published by the Canada-based Fraser Institute. Greece is "sandwiched" between South Africa (101st) and Ghana (103rd).

This year's results, based on data for 2017, were again presented in Athens by the liberal think tank KEFIM.

According to figures, Greece fell one position even though in 2017 the Greek economy recorded positive growth after two years of recession.

According to Fraser, the four top-performing countries in the world are the same as last year, namely, Hong Kong, followed by Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland. The United States ranks fifth.

For yet another year, of all the surveyed countries, Venezuela ranks last.

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