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Navy general staff reports illegal approach of Greek isle by 2 Turkish missile boats

The naval command in Athens on Monday reported that two Turkish missile boats had entered Greek territorial waters the same day and approached the small eastern Aegean islet of Agathonissi from the east and north.

A press communiqué said the small warships were participating in a military exercise, identified as “Deniz Kurdu”, when they illegally entered the sea region.

A Hellenic Navy patrol boat in the area immediately notified the intruding vessels to depart, and was later joined by a Greek missile boat and a gunboat.

The navy general staff announced that all internationally foreseen steps were taken to notify the Turkish craft to depart from the area.

The populated isle of Agathonissi has jumped to the limelight of late following repeated references by a handful of Turkish politicians claiming that it is “Turkish territory”.